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About Yu Jewellery


My name is Yuliia and I am a handmade jewellery artist. My aim is in bringing the benefits of stones and ancient signs into the everyday life of modern women.

My promise to you

It is my mission to offer you jewellery to meet your unique taste.

Every piece is made in the UK by me personally and where possible, from ethically sourced or recycled materials.

How did you get here?

The journey began many years ago when my grandmother taught me to crochet. This skill became an integral part of my career in the jewellery industry 20 years later.

As a creative young woman growing up in a communist country, I had to make my own clothes and accessories to express myself. Due to limited variety available I was often asked to make duplicate items by friends and family. This was the start of my first small business.

My travels revealed an interest in the healing powers and energy of gem stones.

 Where did you train?

Soldering – funnily enough, in a technical college on an electronic engineering course. Also at my dad’s workshop, where we worked with a different materials and with him always making it fun.

Design – self-taught. Earlier on, I made costumes hats and jewellery for dance group in the local theatre, of which I was part. Later, I worked as costume and stage designer in Sharm-el-Sheikh with an Italian group in The Sofitel hotel.

In the UK I was part of Rina Tairo Designs team and gained loads of inspiration in wire crocheting and bead work as well as practising my silversmith skills.

In London Metropolitan University I learned stone setting and pave with Tony Tigg.

Where is your studio?

 My first studio was my garage. My dad made me workshop bench which I’ve kept until the present day. It’s very precious to me. Nowadays I have a studio at the back of my beautiful garden.

What is the main inspiration for your designs?

As a crystal and stone-lover I concentrate my designs on their metaphysical and healing properties.

I am fascinated by history of Ancient Tribes of Britain, North America, Egypt, Russia and Ukraine. And draw the power from their ancient symbolism to incorporate into my designs.